Our services are typically designed to suit the needs of your project.

User research

We uncover user needs to help you design the right digital services and products, in the right way. A deep understanding of your customers gives you the superpowers to meet their needs, increase customer satisfaction and lower your operating costs.

Product & service design

We use human-centred design practices to feed the findings from user research, into the design of services, websites, apps, and voice interfaces. Your customers expect easy, simple online experiences, so a good user experience is no longer optional.

User testing

Whether it is testing a prototype or evaluating the success of a current product or service, we have the toolkit to gather user feedback, either face to face or online.

Content strategy

We will work with you to produce content that your audience needs and in their language. To stand out amongst your competition, “you need smarter content, not more content.” [Sarah Richards]

Digital strategy

We help you find opportunity, clarify the way forward and architect the right experiences to bring to life.


We recognise that amongst all the great ideas you have, to truly innovate, the idea must offer customer value and must then be executed. We will work with you from idea through to realisation of that idea.

Workshop facilitation

We know it is difficult to draw out requirements from stakeholders. A fresh perspective, from outside your core business, is often the key. We facilitate workshop sessions to gain insight, to uncover new ideas and opportunities, and to plan and prioritise.

Google design sprint facilitation

Combining elements of all of our services into a 3-5 day process to solve a critical business challenge or take advantage of a new opportunity. This uses our own experience and techniques, and those of the Google Ventures Design Sprint process.