Made Simpler was founded by Louisa Cameron and Phil Herborn. As the practice leads for user research, design and strategy they work hands on, on all briefs.


Louisa Cameron

Founder - HUMAN CENTRED DESIGN & research

User research
Human-centred design
Content strategy
UX coaching

Louisa completed her marketing degree during the lead up to the digital revolution. Her first role in a technology company, sparked her interest in digital communications. She instinctively understood the importance of designing for people, and sought out a course to formalise her knowledge and practice. She completed her masters in human-centred design, before the term ‘UX’ was even coined.

With the explosion of websites and apps, came an equal explosion of poor design, causing frustration and anxiety all over the internet. Louisa is passionate about stamping out bad design, and making interfaces easy, and even pleasurable to use. She does this by simply finding out what people need and what jobs they are trying to do.

Over 20 years, Louisa has expanded and refined her toolkit of research and design practices, and tried and tested these in corporate and government roles. For the last three years, she has worked in digital health, designing interfaces and interactions that empower people to manage their health. This experience, plus her personal experiences of a daughter with special needs, makes working in digital health her mission.

Projects have included:

  • Fostering design thinking by facilitating the first design sprint at Healthdirect

  • Developing the content strategy for an online health screener to increase health literacy about preventable diseases

  • Redesigning a critical business process for Hireup, to improve the support worker’s registration experience and to increase the completion rate

  • Using empathy and data to design a service that links Australians to phone and online mental health services, information and resources

  • Crafting the conversational experiences for Heathdirect’s voice apps, to answer people’s questions about summer health and colds and flu


Phil Herborn

Founder - Strategy & Experience Design

Digital product strategy
Customer experience strategy
User experience strategy
Workshop facilitation - discovery, innovation, design sprints.

Phil has worked in digital for the past 20 years, always on the front line helping clients work out how best to transform their business through technology. Phil’s experience is mostly from the agency and innovation consultancy world and he holds a Master’s in interactive media (HCD) from UTS.

Phil’s preference is to form collaborative teams and get them working together using workshop techniques that he’s refined over the years. He believes that teams work best when they are having fun, guided well and looking for simplicity at every opportunity.

Phil’s background prior to Made Simpler is in running digital agencies and multidisciplinary digital production teams locally and abroad typically working on web and app development projects. This has given him real world experience across design, development and project management helping him to plan projects that are technically innovative yet feasible.

Projects have included;

  • Leading the redesign of the New South Wales government’s flagship website

  • Numerous projects for NSW Health including leading the redesign of the NSW Health medical research portal and campaign to end HIV

  • Redesign and development of the Australian Olympics website

  • National research and stakeholder engagement and digital services strategy for the prevention of Elder Abuse, ultimately reporting to the attorney general

  • Customer Experience strategy to put the Return and Earn scheme back on track for the NSW government

  • Running innovation projects leading to QANTAS’s first Apple Watch app, 7-11’s 5-star Fuel Lock app, iiNET’s first enterprise app and digitally transforming Westpac’s staff on-boarding process